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Student Testimonials

"I enrolled in an Business Analyst course seeking to expand my knowledge . What I found exceeded my expectations. The content was rich, comprehensive, and delivered in a way that made complex concepts easily understandable."
G Varshitha Pawar
Associate Trainee-Business Ananlyst
"The topics here are not only on the Business perspective for a person, but also includes many learnings for a Human in his daily life. The trainers here are highly proficient in their respective subjects who have brought collective feedback of most of their experience through the form of Course .The topics help in building an overall personality with soft skills and business communication."
Nikhil H
Senior Business Analyst
" I learned how to think strategically and understand the different aspects of a business, from operations to marketing to finance. I gained practical skills in project management, such as planning and scheduling the project. I learned about how ERP software is used to integrate and automate various business processes. I gained insights into the world of SaaS and how it is changing the way businesses operate."
Jose Joy
Business Analyst
"I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share my testimonial for the Business Analyst course that I recently completed. Having successfully finished the Course, I can confidently say that it has been an enriching and valuable experience. The course content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering key concepts and practical applications in the field of business analysis."
Anil Rathod
Business Analyst
"I want to express my appreciation for the BA course, particularly the DBMS and Software Management modules. The instructors' expertise and immersive teaching style greatly enhanced my understanding and analytical abilities. The emphasis on collaboration and exposure to current industry trends made the course engaging and practical. It has well prepared me for success in the dynamic field of business analysis."
Sanjana M
Associate Trainee -BA
"I have finished all the assignments. I want to tell you that I have learnt so much from this course. The course was designed in a way that made it easy to understand even the most complex concepts. However i really enjoyed learning different aspects and the road path to become a Business Analyst."
Arun Kumar T
Business Analyst
"The Business Analyst Certification Program at Arsccom Learning provided a well-structured curriculum that seamlessly blended theoretical concepts with practical applications. The demo projects were invaluable as they allowed me to apply the skills I learned in real-life scenarios. Experienced instructors brought industry insights to the forefront, enriching the learning experience. The interactive online platform fostered engagement, and the career support sessions enhanced my job readiness."
Divya Manjunath
Support Engineer
"I took the Business Analyst course from ARSCCOM LEARNING and it was absolutely transformative! I learned everything from requirements gathering and process modeling to stakeholder management and communication. The instructor, Anand Murali, was a real expert in the field and made the material engaging and relevant. I landed a new job as a Business Analyst just after finishing the course, and I'm confident that it wouldn't have been possible without the skills and knowledge I gained."
Akash Singh
Business Analyst
"I have successfully completed the BA course and found the explanations by Mr. Anand, Mr. Murali Sir, and Ms. Roopa to be exceptionally clear and easily comprehensible, even for those unfamiliar with the topic. Each module is dedicated to a specific subject, enabling focused learning. The assessments reflect real-time scenarios faced by BAs in the corporate world. I highly recommend this course to anyone aspiring to pursue a career as a BA."
Sreeram Ramaswamy
Delivery Manager
"The best training course I’ve ever attended. The strengths of this training are the variety in demonstrating the theory. Great training to be honest! Lot of learnings happened. The explanations were simple and easy to follow, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable."
Veeresh Walishettar
Business Analyst
"The course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of business analysis. I feel confident in applying the concepts learned to real-world scenarios. Overall, it was a valuable and enriching experience."
Helen Hershita
Business Analyst
"The course was well organized, clear and easy to follow. The assignment rounds help us to improve ourselves, also the examples provided are good enough to understand the concept's. Trainers here are highly proficient in their respective subjects who have brought collective feedback of most of their experience through the form of Course."
Shwetha S
LMS - Intern
"I recently completed the Business Analyst Course and I must say, it was an exceptional learning experience. The course was also very comprehensive, covering all the necessary topics in great detail providing me with practical knowledge and skills that I can apply in my career. I highly recommend the Business Analyst Course by Arsccom to anyone looking to enhance their skills in this field."
Vijey Vignesh
Project Lead
"This is a great online course. I use this course as a daily reference in my job. We can become experts in less than four months. The modules are structured in a way that allows us to grasp the overall concept of the BA role in a corporate setting through the course's flow. It is the best BA course I have enrolled in so far, it is accessible any where and easy to use. The coaches are very helpful. The course has made me really confident."
Namratha N S
Business Analyst
"The topics help in building an overall personality with soft skills and business communication. The course has helped me improve my skills. The course is divided into modules which helps to understand the topics better."
S Malathi
Business Analyst
"Overall, I was very impressed with the course and found it to be incredibly valuable. The course materials were presented in a clear and concise manner, making complex topics easily understandable. The language used was straightforward and practical, avoiding jargon and unnecessary technical terms. This allowed me to fully grasp the concepts without feeling overwhelmed."
Basavaraj K
Business Analyst - Trainee
"I really enjoyed the course. Superb Training an Ideal for what was needed. Excellent pace and use of time. Well delivered, Good subject knowledge Training has already been put into practice. Very good and professional trainer I enjoyed and found this course most helpful."
Venkatesh S
Business Analyst - Trainee
"I am satisfied with the course and it helped me to understand in a better manner. I was very much motivated by the topics as told by different professors. I was also satisfied with the assignment and capstone project given by you. It helped me to understand the project in a better way."
Alugoju Varun Kumar
Business Analyst Trainee
"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.' Arsccom Learning has given me a lifetime opportunity to excel my talent to the newer heights , Arsccom Learning is the right platform for the young talents to grow and excel in the field of IT."
Vishal Ullikashi
Senior Business Analyst
"Business Analysis course has helped me to level up my game. The course is really insightful, and really practical. The coaches are also very helpful, I leave each session feeling really confident. It is practical, applicable and straight to the point."
Prithvi R
Business Analyst
"I had no idea what is business analysis until I went through this course. Instructors were very patient in clearing my queries. As the course is divided into modules it was easy to understand the concepts better. Experienced instructors, weekly assignments, Hands-on Experience and Timely assessment of your work are some of the pros of joining this course."
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